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Since 11 years ago, we first rescued our first daughter Cindy from Santa Cruz wharf. The journey of cat parenthood become a never ending task. Whenever I meet a helpless stray kitty on a street, I always feel my heart broken, I believe everyone who really love and care about cats will feel the same way. We spend lots of money help stray cat get spayed and neutered in our neighbourhood. But still see increasing number of stray wandering nearby each year. That's when I know just by our own effort alone won't fix the outdoor cat overpopulation problem. So I decide to learn to code and developed this game. Originally I named it "Hungry Kitty", which is named after an Oakland feral cat rescue organization , I think they are the angel guardians for all cats. But when I try to introduce the app to new people, some are very aggressive against the name, which I have no idea why. Now I decide to change it to "Meow Adventure". Hopefully there is nothing wrong with the name now. Please check the hard work of Hungry Kitty organization. And help fighting against the stray cat overpopulation issues in your neighbourhood by spay and neuter your own cats .


I myself is a big gamer throughout my whole life. Still remember the excitement from the joy of playing my first NES game named Tetris till this day. This game is mainly inspired by a play station Home mini-game called bomber-man survival, which happens to be my favourite game in PS Home. Now Sony shut down the PS Home entirely, I have nowhere to play, so this is another reason I decide to code my own Bomber-man survival game, so I can play on my cellphone.


My friend Andrew introduced me to the tools I used in developing the game. Which are all free software. Game graphic done with Inkscape, free vector drawing tool. Coding and integration done with Unity game engine. I learned to code mainly by watching free youtube video tutorials and google search on the internet. There are lots of very helpful software programmers on, stackoverflow and unity forums. They posted problems they encountered during their app development, usually you can find your information you needed by refine your search keyword on google.

Game Screen Shots


Game Play Screen 1

Game Play Screen 2

Game Play Screen 3

Here is some demo screen shots from Meow Adventure game, which featuring a Leaderboard, still not sure how much traffic my game's leader-board server can handle. If there is any issues uploading your score to the leader-board. I apologize beforehand. Currently the game is still developed by me solely, so It's a one-lady project. So far I can not afford the cost to upgrade the server service I'm using.

Our Team

Haha, this is a joke section, I just wanna show off all my cute babies.

Team Member
Cindy Teddy and Kitty

elder Daughter and Son

Kitty Cindy And Teddy

Team Member

Youngest Daughter, found in bush when she's still a kitten, the tiniest, like shoe boxes


Lead Developer
Team Member

2nd Son, with broken hip bone, laying in bush and waiting to die, found by teddy during a routine cat walk


Sr. UI Designer
Team Member

Youngest Son, found with mui, the biggest longest, can be worn as scarf in winter. :D


Managing Director

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